Greenwich, CT

work well win is bringing collaborative work spaces, designed at every touchpoint for wellness, innovation and productivity to town. Created for enterprise satellite teams, entrepreneurs and freelancers, our spaces are purpose-built for well-being and productivity

330 Railroad Ave
Greenwich CT 06830
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Our spaces are built to provide flexible solutions.*

Option Monthly Pricing

* We have other pricing options available if you have shorter or longer-term needs. Parking pricing is contingent on membership.


Our spaces are built around core elements of wellness that address not only the design and operations of our buildings, but also how they impact and influence human behaviors related to health and well-being.

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Location Benefits and Amenities

  • Use any of our global locations
  • High-speed internet
  • Top-of-the-line printers
  • Private phone booths
  • Acoustic technology to ensure privacy
  • Conference rooms
  • Front-desk staff
  • State-of-the-art air filtration and monitoring system
  • Purified water for optimal health
  • Locally sourced organic fresh fruits, healthy snacks, coffee and teas
  • Lots of natural light and a lighting system designed to help you feel invigorated
  • Space is designed to encourage movement
  • Close proximity to top fitness facilities
  • Ergonomic furniture and standing desks
  • Thermal and acoustic factors designed to maximize a holistic and healthy work environment


Greenwich lies just 40 min north of New York City and is easy to access. It offers a wide array of attractions - from the beautiful waterside views, bustling restaurant scene and energetic atmosphere. Less than 2 blocks from the Greenwich Metro North Train Station. Close to I-95 exit 3.